Ecsaine® is a new breed of industrial material from Toray that is made by the three-dimensional fusion of ultra-microfiber non-woven fabric and elastic polymer.

Ecsaine® Toray, the inventor of microfiber and the premiere source for state-of-the-art polymer materials, offers advanced products for industrial applications. Made with a three-dimensional fusion of ultra-microfiber nonwoven fabric and elastomer, Ecsaine® and GS Felt offer unique characteristics and performance benefits that are not available from existing materials such as felt, flock and foam. Our versatile synthetic materials are widely used for components in audiovisual and office equipment, cameras and PCs, as well as parts for factory automation, and we’re increasingly expanding into other industries.

Ecsaine® has a unique structure with a set of characteristics that are totally different from those of synthetic leather, woven or knitted fabrics.

1. Uniformity of ultra-microfiber

The advanced manufacturing process of ultra-microfiber
Toray's proprietary "Islands in the Sea" process enables us to extrude highly uniform micron-fine polyester fibers.

2. Densely bundled nonwoven structure

Cross section shown at 250X magnification
The highly controlled manufacturing process creates delicate and uniform ultra-microfiber nonwoven sheets.

3. Mono-layer structure without base fabric

Cross section shown at 1,500X magnification
The microporous structure is fixed by a special elastic polymer at the nodes of the fibers.

The synergy of the unique characteristics of the source material, polyester and polyurethane, joined with the structure of ultra-microfiber nonwoven fabric yields an unparalleled combination of performance advantages:

Characteristics of Ultra-Microfiber

  • Wipe-clean performance and microparticle retention
  • Gentle non-scratching material
  • Uniform friction coefficient
  • High density; uniformity

Characteristics of Polyester

  • Stability against shifts in temperature and moisture
  • High resistance to abrasion for long-term use
  • Wide-ranging color variations and superb durability
  • None of the odor, mold or worm problems associated with genuine leather

Characteristics of Nonwoven Fabric

  • The mono-layer structure does not fray or depilate
  • The micropore structure provides excellent water absorption, air permeability and insulation capabilities
  • Wide range of thickness (0.43–3.0mm)
  • Can be trimmed or die-cut without fraying

Characteristics of Polyurethane

  • Moderate elasticity with superior bending recovery
  • Shock absorption
  • Dimensional stability
  • Superior thickness recovery