What Are Ecsaine and GS Felt?

Ecsaine and GS Felt are materials with a mono-layer nonwoven fabric structure that takes advantage of the properties of the polyester and polyurethane source materials, which have been intricately intertwined to create ultra-fine fiber.
This synergy of source materials and structure provides unique performance benefits.

1. Uniformity of ultra-fine fiber

Comparison of human hair and ultra-fine fiber

Toray uses an "Islands in the Sea" process to create ultra-fine fiber that offers highly uniform micron-fine polyester fibers.

2. Densely bundled nonwoven structure

Cross section shown at 250× magnification

The ultra-fine fibers are carefully intertwined to create a delicate surface.

3. Mono-layer structure without base fabric

The mono-layer structure without base fabric allows the functionality of Ecsaine to be utilized not just on the surface, but also on the edges.

*Some products use base fabric

4. Nonwoven fabric structure consisting of polyester ultra-fine fiber and polyurethane elastomer

Polyester ultra-fine fiber and polyurethane elastomer are intricately intertwined, providing excellent performance benefits.

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