Standard Type/Low-Halogen Type

Product No.Thickness
F2000JB Black 0.43 mm
3000J Black 0.49 mm
F3000J Black 0.49 mm
3000JA Black 0.49 mm
3000JN Black 0.49 mm
700W Black 0.55 mm
F700W Black 0.55 mm
100E (789Z) Black 0.8 mm
100E (341Z) Gray 0.8 mm
F100E Black 0.8 mm
1000RX (100Z) White 1.0 mm
1000RX (89WZ) Black 1.0 mm
500R Black 1.2 mm
500Z Black 1.7 mm

*Product numbers starting with "F" are low-halogen types.

*Please contact us using our contact form to request a color not listed above.

GS Felt

Product No.Thickness
EH305NS/M/D S: White
M: Medium gray
D: Dark gray
0.46 mm
K40008S/M/D S: White
M: Medium gray
D: Dark gray
0.8 mm
EE310SS Medium gray 1.0 mm
K10021M Medium gray 2.1 mm
GK1400M Medium gray 2.65 mm
K10250D Dark gray 3.0 mm

*Colors not listed above are not available.

Physical Property Comparison Table

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